Actor Santhanam New Car is Rolls Royce


actor santhanam new carActor Santhanam new car is Rolls Royce.Santhanam is in the limelite currently in the Kollywood Industry. Many of the producers and directors want his comedy track in their movies. In fact, the dialouges are tailored to suit his characters. This has created envious eraction among some of the stars.

Now the Kollywood stars have one more reason to envy on the comedy actor. Yes, Santham has ordered a Rolls Royce worth 2 crores. By this he cecomes the first ever comedian to buy a car of this worth. The people in the film industry owning this range of car is Actor Vijay and Director Shankar.

Interestingly, the Rolls Royce had rejected teh order from the Actress Mallika Sherawat stating that she does not deserve to own this car. But the company had accepted the order from the comedy star. May be the company had thought the comedian deserves one as he is entertaining 6 crores people.

Whatever may be the reason, history of Tamil film industry will say “Santhanam” was the only comedian during his period to own a car worth 2 crores. In todays world, people who does not deserve anything buys costly cars. What if a comedy actor buys one?

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